Breast pumps, Compression, and Postpartum Supplies for TRICARE families

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breast pumps

TRICARE beneficiaries are eligible for one (1) breast pump per birth event. TRICARE completely covers seven (7) types of breast pumps and requires a modest upcharge for two of the top breast pumps on the market. Let’s connect and get you on your way to owning a new breast pump.

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compression and support garments

Did you now that TRICARE covers many types of compression stockings and belly bands? Take a look to learn more about the various options and offerings available to TRICARE families.


mama strut - postpartum support

Did you know that TRICARE covers the Mama Strut, a garment designed to provide complete support to your postpartum body. Back support, abdominal support, even heat/ice for perineum, back, or abdominal comfort.