supporting families with newborns throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties in Southern California


We're having a baby!!

Congratulations! Anticipating the arrival of your newborn is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. It is the most emotional blind-date you will ever go on! And just as you would have a support system in place for a blind date, so should you have an even more robust support system for bringing your newborn home. I am excited that you're considering a postpartum doula to help after baby arrives and I'm humbled at the thought that I could be the one to support you during this transition. Click "get support" to learn more about my packages and services. 


why kari?

A good postpartum doula will encourage you to interview at least two potential doulas. Remember, you are inviting her to participate in an extremely intimate and amazing time for your family. Making sure she is a great fit for your family is important. I am humbled that you are considering allowing me to support your family during this transition! See what past clients say about me.

I look forward to interviewing and, if we're a good match, supporting your family during the fourth trimester!