Your gear comes with instructions, why doesn't your newborn?

Your gear comes with instructions, why doesn't your newborn?

newborn prep workshop

You have all the gear and you're excited to meet your newborn(s), but are you ready? This one-session workshop will help make sure you're ready to parent your newborn(s), right from the start. We will discuss everything you'll need to know in order to help make those first few weeks a little more bearable. Topics include feeding, diapering, sleep, comfort techniques, appearance, normal newborn behavior, swaddling, and so much more. 

This workshop is available to occur in the privacy of your home as well as in a group setting (limited one-on-one opportunities available). During the in-home workshop, I will work with you prior to the workshop to determine the baby gear you have on-hand and I will incorporate your gear into the workshop so that you can better learn how you’ll use it through those early days, weeks, and months with your new baby.

Group workshop dates for 2019 are to be determined but will take place in the South Bay and Long Beach.

The workshop is $75 per family. Contact me through the contact page before purchasing.

After the workshop, I can stay with you and help set up your baby gear and/or help with newborn-friendly home organization. This add-on support is my hourly rate of $35 per hour.