Ready To Return Workshop

Preparing to transition back to work after baby can be challenging. But, if executed with intention and diligence, it can also be a rewarding and memorable part of your parenting journey. During this workshop, we will explore topics ranging from maximizing your maternity leave to updating your resume by translating your parenting skills into workplace relevance.

I am offering this workshop for groups as well as privately. The workshop is 3 hours. Group workshops occur in April, June, August, and October 2019 and will take place at Beach Cities Midwifery in Long Beach, CA. There are a maximum of 6 families per group workshop. Babies in-arms are welcome to attend the workshop.

If you are an employer and looking to provide this workshop to your employees, click on the red “Contact” box in the upper right of your screen and shoot me a message with “Ready To Return Workshop for employees” in the subject. Be sure to provide your contact information!

Below are highlights of the 10 lessons we will dig into during the workshop.

Maximize maternity:parental leave.png

maximizing parental/maternity leave

Maternity/Parental leave is full of ups and downs, emotional highs and lows. It is also a wonderful to time be present and really get to know your baby, yourself, your partner (especially if this is your first child), and your new family dynamics. This lesson of the course focuses on slowing down and establishing your personal and family priorities.

conversations with your boss/hr/peers

No matter the duration of your leave, someone helped to fill your shoes. Reintegration into the workplace depends on you and depends on your employer. But before your return, there are a couple small, yet critical, action steps you can take to set the conditions for a smooth return to work. From meeting with HR to water cooler talk with peers to your legal rights, we’ll touch on it all.

new dynamics with partner

The birth of a child brings about multiple transitions to a relationship. If this is your first child, the arrival of this child also brought the birth of your parenting journey. Communication is one of the most critical components to a smooth transition to working parenthood. You will now have an additional schedule to balance and an additional person to plan for. During this lesson we’ll talk through some of the ways to come together as a parenting team.

Choosing Child Care image.png

choosing child care

Selecting child care types and providers is challenging, especially here in the United States. We have many options and there is no one-size-fits-all child care provider. In this lesson, we’ll discuss different provider types, some pros and cons of each, questions to ask during interviews with potential providers, preparing for their first days/weeks of care, and handling challenges.

Working From Home image.png

working from home

Working from home is a blessing. But, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Successfully working from home requires clear and intentional boundaries. In this add-on lesson (taught as applicable), we will discuss some of the nuances associated with working from home and we’ll talk through ways to set your whole family up for success while working from home.

pumping and all things breastmilk

I acknowledge that not all families feed their babies breastmilk. For those who do, we will absolutely talk about all things pumping! From preferred pumps to pump parts to laws surrounding pumping to storing and feeding expressed milk. Pumping is no joke but this lesson should help you jump start your pumping journey. This lesson will take place immediately following the workshop to allow non-pumping families to skip this lesson, if they choose.

emotions of returning

No matter where you are in your returning to work journey, I’m sure you’ve already experienced some emotions regarding your return. Guilt? Excitement? Anxiety? Fear? Sadness? Theses emotions are completely normal. Your head and your heart may be pulling your in different directions, allowing for even more emotions to surface throughout this transition. During this lesson, we’ll address these emotions, provide tips on leaning in to them, and provide reassurance that they are completely normal.

Possible challenges smaller image.png

possible challenges

Have you heard of reverse cycling? We’ll talk about it in this lesson. We will also talk about some of the other unexpected challenges that can arise as a result of going back to work. We will talk through some possible solutions and I will provide you with many different resources and references to help, should these challenges arise in your family.

Work-Life Integration image.png

work-life integration

Whether you call it work-life balance or work-life integration, there’s no denying that the line between work and life is no longer as clear as it was in generations past. We do homework at home and nowadays we do home-work at work. That’s life. But how we prioritize, plan, and manage our work and life speaks volumes to our priorities and goals. This is a short lesson but a powerful message.

your new skills

Yes, you are a parent. But, if you think about it from a business perspective, you also just gained a new direct report. A direct report who speaks a foreign language. You became a manager of your team, balancing priorities and mission accomplishment. You’ve become more aware of risks and risk mitigation (you are doing your best to not get pee’d on again, right?). You’re a planner now, making sure to think through all courses of action on how to best make a 3 hour drive to introduce your baby to grandma. In this lesson, we’ll update your resume!