Packages and Hourly Support

You can expect the following for every package and all support I provide:

  • Interview (no charge, generally 1 hour)

  • Prenatal visits (generally 2+ hours)

  • Feeding support (breastfeeding help, expressed milk feedings/pumping support, bottle)

  • Newborn care (diapering, bathing, umbilical cord, special needs)

  • Maternal support (physical assistance, emotional support, incision/tear care, companionship)

  • Partner support (ways to help, emotional support)

  • Newborn calming/soothing techniques, help with baby's sleep, bonding/attachment tips, babywearing support

  • Sibling support and integration

  • Meal preparation, household organization, light cleaning

  • Household task assistance - run errands, grocery shopping, walk dog

  • Payment plans available

  • If you are at all military connected, ASK FOR SPECIAL MILITARY RATES



60 hrs, 12-16 day visits, 7 nights

Know you going to receive the best support possible. The Supported Start package aims to provide consistent support during this first month to six weeks of baby's life. I love this package because I've found this type of predictable support is wonderful for mother's overall health (mental and physical), provides great support to troubleshoot issues, and best supports the whole family. This is the ideal package to wholly support and nourish the postpartum family - physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually. Additional hours may be purchased as desired and available.


From The Start Package

40 hrs, 10-12 day visits, 5 nights

Whether this is you first or your last baby, the relief of knowing you and your family will be supported throughout the fourth trimester is scientifically proven to provide an optimal transition for your whole family. This package is ideal for families with limited support after baby, families concerned about or experiencing postpartum complications, families desiring overnight support, and families looking for additional support during the prenatal period. Additional hours may be purchased, as desired.


strong start package

30 hours, 7-9 day visits, 3.5 nights

The perfect middle-of-the-road package for families unsure of how much support they will need in the postpartum period. The STRONG START PACKAGE is a good fit for families seeking a boost in confidence regarding newborn parenting, families concerned about feeding or normal newborn behavior/care, and families with intermittent support throughout the fourth trimester. This package is ideal for families attempting to breastfeed for the first time or for those concerned about breastfeeding. Additional hours may be purchased, as desired.


jump start package

21 hours, 5-7 day visits, 2.5 nights

You've taken classes, you'll have some support after baby arrives, but you still want a bit of reassurance, help, and companionship. Guarantee support for your family without committing to more hours than you know you'll use. The JUMP START PACKAGE is designed for families who feel confident in their newborn-parenting, are receiving intermittent support from extended family, or are not sure how much support they want to commit to, yet still know they are looking for a bit of non-judgmental, professional support. This is also an ideal package for those receiving support from first-time grandparents. I have found that these 21 hours will usually provide 5-7 visits spread out throughout the first three weeks of your newborn's life. Additional hours may be purchased, as desired.


dinner and a doula

includes meal and 4+ hrs of support

A one-time visit for families to check-in and receive some reassurance that they are doing well. I prepare a meal that the family selects (package includes cost of meal) and will spend the evening with you and your family answering questions, provide feedback, and talking about you and your baby. Great gift idea!

digital doula picture.jpg

digital doula

add-on to any contract

Sometimes you just have a few questions. Instead of asking Dr. Google, call a trusted professional! We can talk through issues and concerns and I can help guide you to solve select problems without being physically present. This is best for times when physical support is not necessary. I would like to meet in person before establishing this service. Advance scheduling preferred but not required.