Kari’s support during our transition to parents of twins was incredibly helpful. We particularly appreciated her ability to listen to our concerns and guide us towards resources and information so that we could make our own decisions. She did not shy away from the numerous challenges presented by newborn twins and their first-time parents. We would recommend Kari to any singleton or multiple family!
— Jana and Maria's mom, first babies
Kari was a wealth of knowledge and an incredible comfort during an especially difficult time of transition for our family, when we welcomed our second child in two years.  She met with us in advance of the arrival of the baby to gauge our needs and ensure we were a good match.  She provided useful advice on arranging our home to prepare for the new baby and streamline our daily routine.  
During the early postpartum weeks, she helped take care of the baby to allow me some time with my son, as he adjusted to his new role of big brother and helped me figure out how to juggle the needs of both my children while also focusing on self-care. 
Kari provided breastfeeding support, despite many challenges and obstacles along the way.  She paid close attention to my wishes and goals and helped me to achieve them.  She’s a natural with babies and was completely trustworthy, responsible, and empathetic.  We were fortunate to have her assistance and would unequivocally recommend her to other families.
— Winnie's mama, second baby
Kari provided great support after I had my third child, Lily. She helped me at dinner time, a typically chaotic period during the day but extra stressful with a newborn. She helped ensure I remained nourished and held Lily as we ate dinner. After dinner, she played with my two oldest children, which allowed me to nurse Lily free of worry and distraction. She helped bathe and prepare the older children for bed then held Lily, letting me take a relaxing shower. She is a wonderful postpartum doula.
— Lily's mama, third baby

Kari was always a welcome sight at our back door, greeting dogs and then coming in with a smile, ready to help. She is like a knowledgeable friend, ready to talk through issues and offer guidance. She helped us through so many struggles: nursing issues, Sophia’s weight gain struggles, thrush. She provided sensible advise and offered suggestions on how to support my wife in her new role.
— Sophia's parents, first baby