Prenatal Freezer Meal Workshop

Fill your freezer with food, fill your mind with postpartum-related knowledge, and fill your heart with the feeling of support and community. Expectant mamas and mamas in the adoption process are invited to attend this workshop at any point in their pregnancy/process.

Stay tuned for 2019 dates and locations!


fill your freezer

About a week before the workshop, check your email for 10-12 recipes that you can choose from. You'll choose 3-5 recipes to prepare at the workshop, to include any chopping and cooking required prior to freezing. Be sure to bring all ingredients listed for those recipes. You get to keep the other recipes and can prepare those at home. This is a great way to receive several tried-and-true, nourishing, easy to prepare meals to help ensure you and your family eat well, especially during a time when it may be challenging.

fill your mind

photo credit to Jaime Lynne Photography

photo credit to Jaime Lynne Photography

Since the event is hosted by From The Start, Postpartum Doula, the conversations focus around life after baby arrives as well as nutrition for mom, baby and family during pregnancy and the postpartum year. Come prepared with questions and even your own tips. We also set aside time to practice some newborn basics like diapering, swaddling, burping, bathing, baby wearing and more. No topics are off limits…yes, wet and dirty diapers are often a topic of conversation! This workshop is a great way to compliment any childbirth education, breastfeeding, or newborn care classes you’ve previously taken as we can further discuss those topics and can serve to reinforce what you’ve already learned.

photo credit to Jaime Lynne Photography

photo credit to Jaime Lynne Photography

Fill your heart

Connect with other expectant mamas in this space and help grow your own village. Social support during pregnancy and beyond is critical to overall health and wellness, especially in the postpartum period.