Raising Military Children - closing out the Month Of The Military Child 2018

As you've become aware, April was the Month Of The Military Child. Throughout the month various people, organizations, agencies, and educators conducted special events and activities to help acknowledge, honor, and celebrate our military children. 

I polled the military moms in my Experiences In Motherhood Survey Group to learn their thoughts and opinions of a few topics that pertain to raising military children. The comments and data from those polls are the source and point of this week's article. 

From this article and graphic, you'll learn the groups' favorite duty stations since having children, you'll learn the best part of raising military kids, and you'll learn the most difficult part of raising military kids. You'll even get to see a few of the thoughts and comments behind the data. 

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I know this is not applicable to everyone seeing this article, but I hope you'll take a few minutes to read this in honor and support of our military children. 

They did not chose this life, yet they live it with grace. 

Stay blessed, 

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Kari Haravitch PCD(DONA)